Must vs. Should in Display Requirements


Being that you recently changed your display guidelines to display requirements, I believe we all need clarification here… At the moment I’m looking at the requirements for Timelines:
1.a. - “The author’s name and @username should be displayed on one line horizontally or stacked one above the other vertically, with the name first.”
------ Does this mean that both the name and @username must be displayed? Am I allowed to show just the @username on its own? How about the position - what’s wrong with placing the name/@username below the avatar? In many cases that is a far more efficient layout…

3.a. - “Tweet timestamp should be displayed in the top right corner.”
------ Can I put it in the bottom right corner of that tweet’s section?

3.c. - “Tweets older than 24 hours should show a short form date including the day and month, e.g., “6 Jun”.”
------ I don’t know who in the world wouldn’t want to show the short form but… Was this meant to be a “must”?

5.a. - “If the Tweet being displayed is a Retweet, the name of the user who Retweeted it and the Retweet icon must be displayed under the Tweet text. e.g., “Retweeted by Josh Brewer”. The name SHOULD link to the the Retweeting user’s profile, unless your application is displaying Tweets on a mobile platform that has clear physical or technical limitations.”
------ You should get the gist of it now - was this meant to be a “must”?

Thanks! And as usual these are issues that would eventually cripple an implementation if the wrong answer is given, so I hope your answers are concrete! :slight_smile: Oh and btw, is there a list of common app ideas that aren’t permitted under the API? I just started working on my first Twitter-based project and read all the pertaining documentation but a list like that would make me absolutely sure I’m compliant.

EDIT: Just found this little issue with the “Individual Tweet” section:
4.a. - “The Tweet timestamp must always be visible and include the time and date. e.g., “3:00 PM - 31 May 12”.”
----- This indicates a long form timestamp is required, but the mobile example for an individual tweet uses the short form…

EDIT 2: Real sorry this is such a ridiculously long post but I figure I might as well get it all out of the way now… Again in the “Individual Tweet” section:
1.d. - “The avatar, name, and @username must all link to the user’s Twitter profile.”
----- Can I make some combination (or perhaps all) of these elements link to some of that Twitter user’s recent Tweets?


Hey guys, I still need clarification here! Must vs. should - what’s the deal? Putting my UI together and need an answer before too long.