Multiple Widget codes on same page need different Data ID's


I created 2 lists. I want to embed the code from these lists onto my page and put them side by side. When I created the widget from one list and embedded it, it showed up perfectly. So I went to the other list, named differently, created said widget from 2nd list and when I put that one in, the 2 lists look identical and the first one I made changed to duplicate the 2nd list I made. When looking at the code the widget generated it shows a different list name, but the data ID is the same. How do I create 2 widget lists, with, I think, 2 different data ID tags? Here are the 2 widget codes it produced. But if you go to you will see the same feed twice. Anyone know what to do?

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You can either create 2 different widgets on the Settings page (thus having 2 different widget ids), or use timeline selection ( to display 2 different lists with the same id.


I created 2 separate widgets, one for each list, but the code it gives uses same ID, so when I copy and paste the code, I dont have 2 different lists going, I have 1 list twice. I don’t understand the timeline thing, newbie to twitter.
I created 2 lists. One list follows Vikings Fans, the other lists follows Official Vikings Sources and Actual Vikings Players. I want these 2 lists to run side by side on my website. So I created a widget that is showing each list, but when inserting the code, the lists are the same. If I just put 1 list up then it works fine, I can either put the fan list widget up OR the Players list up, but not both at the same time it seems.