Multiple User Streams on single IP address


Hi, I would like to ask how many connections is allowed for User Streams in a single IP, on different accounts. It will just be one connection per account though, but multiple accounts (thus multiple connections) per IP.

I’d like to fire up an internal platform that functions like this, and will make things easier for my co-devs. Will this be OK for User Streams? Thanks.


A small handful is allowed. Exactly how many is not declared. For your development purposes you should be OK, but server-side production use of multiple User Streams is better served by Site Streams.


Alright thanks for your response. How about for the public stream. I do understand that one account can only track 400 keywords. But how about if I want to track 1000 keywords in just one machine (with different accounts). Will that be legal?


No, the limitation applies to your entire application or service. If you want to stream more terms, you’d, depending on use case, either have to look into getting a partnership with Twitter or work with a certified reseller of data such as Datasift, Gnip, or Topsy.


Okay, so maxing out 400 keywords limit in the application is still good for free (without partnerships, etc) right? :slight_smile: