Multiple user connections for Twitter Rest Search API



Can we have a web application which can make multiple search API calls on behalf of multiple users? The purpose of the website would be to allow users to search tweets around keywords and then do some analysis. As in suppose I have one app, and by effect one consumer secret and consumer token. Now if a user accesses the website we can ask him to authorize the app and in effect use his access token and access secret to call the search API for his search terms. Naturally when it scales, we would then have multiple users using the website. So, there would come a situation where there are multiple search api calls in parallel, from the same IP, but each with a different USER access token (CONSUMER token remains the same …3-legged oauth). Of course user level rate limits will be taken care of and appropriately handled.

Given the above scenario…will twitter flag the application because of some sort of IP based rate limit? Is this architecture against Twitter’s ToS? Is there some other sort of rate limit I should be aware of?

P.S. I understand that this architecture is not supported by streaming API as twitter allows one standing connection. Is there a similar restriction for Rest Search APIs as well?



The only limit I’d expect you to see is the rate limiting for individual users authenticated to the Search API. Be aware that the API covers around 7 days optimised for relevance and recency.