Multiple Twitter Card Submission for one Website



Our site has video content posts as well as image content posts. For video content we have submitted twitter video card and it works.

Can we submit both twitter Summary Card with Large Image too for the Image content? Will it Affect the video card we posted earlier?

We have separate video content page and separate Image content page. Both pages are validating correctly.

What if we submit the Image content page for “Twitter Summary Card with Large Image”, Will it cause any damage to the “video twitter card” we previously submitted?



I am successfully running Summary Card, Photo Card and Player Card side-by-side on the same domain. Just make sure they are on seperate pages and you should be fine.



Thank you Sam, for your reply.


Thanks Sam!

To clarify here, we validate cards based on domain. So you can be approved for both player, summary and photo cards all on the same domain.

Unfortunately, you have to validate each card separately/individually, and validate each URL accordingly. But once approved, you’re good for your entire domain.



I’d like to have player and large image with summary cards on one website. I’m not a developer and our part-time developer doesn’t know anything about twitter cards.

Right now I have the Large Summary card turned on via WP Yoast app. Most pages work, but some of the main landing pages do not.

Would anyone be able to help me with code to get these working?