Multiple Twitter Account login at a Time


Hello !

I am new in IOS development . I am make complete App for twitter by Using FHSTwitterEngine .
I want to login Multiple Account of user in my App .
First Time when I Login it gives me Twitter Login web View to Authorise my App to use my account ( email & password Authorise App) and it got login . And now when i want to Login Users Multiple another accounts too by using difference User Account ( email & password ) But when I call again FHSTwitterEngine methods to login Again user Another Twitter Account for Multiple Account purpose it show me last login account for Authorise App . What should i do that Twitter Login web View Always ask me to login Again .


I want to use Multiple Accounts in my App As Twitter App !


sorry i dont understand…
first thing you should know, you must generate a new oauth_token to get login url, you must provide secret key and consumen key to get oauth_token for login…
people1 => getRequestToken will result :************************kv1Qsg4

people2=> getRequestToken will result :************************wdaass2

you will see oauth_tiken was differend and if people 1 and 2 use the same oauth token, then they will be get the same user who is the first approve the permission


Can you delete my old account @mbnddsgirl


I cant login into @mbnddsgirl can you take it down please