Multiple tweetIds for the same tweet & reporting implications



When creating a promoted tweet via the POST endpoint, we have noticed that when we pass one tweet_id, we can get a different tweet_id in the response.

So… we pass tweetId 456778 in the request and, in the promoted tweet response, 12345 as the tweet_id in the response.

Can we be certain that we will always get tweetId 12345 in the response? Does your system always map identical tweetIds or duplicates back to the original tweetId?

I ask because we want to make sure our reporting aggregates data properly at the tweet level.

{"data_type":"promoted_tweet","data":[{"line_item_id":"51cy8","display_properties":["something"], "id":"efgh","paused":false,"created_at":"2016-07-13T01:44:31Z","updated_at":"2016-07-13T01:44:31Z","approval_status":"ACCEPTED", "tweet_id":"12345","deleted":false}],"request":{"params":{"line_item_id":"51cy8","tweet_ids":[456778],"account_id":"abcdef"}},"total_count":1}


Hey @chris_august7,

This can happen when you are promoting a Tweet that is for a RETWEET_ONLY user, i.e. not the Tweet of the FULL promotable user. In this case, we will RT this Tweet in the background and return the RT ID associated with the FULL promotable user.

The promoted tweet ID for the line_item+tweet_id combination will always be unique and the consistent.