Multiple subdomains and dynamic metatags


Hello! I’m currently integrating twitter cards in my project, and i’m having difficulties in solving my concerns regarding (1) multiple subdomains, and (2) dynamic metatags.

  1. Should I apply every subdomains i’ll be having for a twitter card? like (,,

notes: i’ve tried using a wildcard to handle numerous subdomains, but no luck.

  1. Metatags such as twitter:title, twitter:description: and twitter:image are dynamically updated after a specific process of a user. therefore making it unavailable for the twitterbot to reach on the initial load of the page.

What do you guys think? Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Twitterbot cannot handle dynamic updates to meta tags.

You should not need to validate every subdomain. Your top-level domain should be covered by the first card you validate.


I see. What if I have numerous twitter cards? How do I identify which card to use?


The twitter:card value in the meta tag headers may only be specified once for each page, so you can only choose one particular type of card per page. That value determines the type of card you want to be displayed.


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