Multiple simultaneous requests for the status info api



So i’ve checked the Api limits for the api “statuses/show/:id” which is 900 per user per 15 minutes. My question is this scenario. If i have got 1000 users and for each user i request 100 simultaneous posts for that api i.e 100000 requests same time. Is that allowed or will there be any issues with that?



There’s no specific rate-limiting issue here if each of the requests is done under a separate user token. However, “simultaneous” may cause you to hit delays in responses given the volume you’re describing. YMMV.

Curious as to why you’d be calling that endpoint in that manner - is statuses/lookup not a better way of requesting 100 Tweets in one go?


Hey Andy,

Yes i’ve looked into that api and will obviously use the lookup one. Was confirming if this can block my app or not. Because what iam targetting is max 1000 requests per user. So it seems iam fine if in future our users increase to 10000 and so on?



Our systems would likely review any particularly high volume sets of requests from specific apps, but in general that’s not something that should cause an issue.


Thanks Andy :slight_smile: