Multiple Registered Applications in Potential Violation


I have been using Twitter API for years and it has always been a pleasant experience. Yesterday in order to create a new app I had to apply for a developer account. Today I received a message stating that I had multiple apps that all have the same function, but this is not the case.

We are an app development company and create apps on behalf or clients and ourselves. We use Twitter API to allow Twitter login via Firebase. We create one Twitter app per application and that is all it is used for. How do I go about getting my account approved? Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:


You only need to keep 1 app like that - “Login With Firebase” app that every client will use. You’ll be using 1 Consumer key / secret and each user will have their own access token / secret. There’s a limit of 100,000 for those


My problem is that we make these apps for clients. They are going to need to be able to take control of these and not have all of these apps tied to our 1 app via Twitter.


oh, in that case shouldn’t each client register their own apps under their own account? (i mean you can still do the work and offer that as a service you provide for them but they’d keep their own accounts and apps totally separate from you)


So rather than me creating apps that could potentially circumnavigate the API limits you suggest creating a new account per app and then going through this review process with each client for the exact same end result. This is client work were talking about here. These people hire us because they don’t want to deal with this. You aren’t going to approve my developer account because I could be using this to work around API limits and yet you can clearly see that is not the case.

I understand you are just following procedure but do you see how inconvenient and absurd this sounds?


oh, i’m not twitter - but I wonder if you can create an app, then transfer it to a client account later with (i assume someone who wants a “log in with twitter” feature has a twitter account themselves)


This may be a solution that we can take. Just need my account verified so that I even have options like that. Thanks for your help, sorry I thought you were with support.

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