Multiple parameters - syntax for OAuth request query


I’m using the Get User/Search and I’m trying to set multiple parameters. I keep getting the same results back and it’s only accepting my first query. I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to enter multiple parameters (and whether or not this is actually possible).

Ideally, I would like to search by:

  1. Name (eg: John)
  2. Number of followers (less than 1,000 - can I do this?)
  3. English speaking
  4. Country code: UK

How would I enter this in the oAuth request query to create a cURL code?

I keep trying and it comes up with the same results all starting with John McCain (who clearly has more than 1,000 followers and lives in Washington D.C.).

Thank you!


The users/search API is very “flat” – it doesn’t let you perform direct match searches or to specify granular criteria. It takes simple keywords and matches against user data in whatever way it strategically wants to to provide a user relevant results – it may match against a location field, it may match against a name, it may match against other criteria. Consider it a black box with very simple input.


Good to know. Thanks for your reply! Is there actually any other way of finding this specific data? I’m a Linguistics student and was hoping to use Twitter for my research project.


It can be difficult with the API to isolate accounts by specific criteria. You may find it easier to discover tweets in certain languages or geographic areas using the search/tweets API, then follow the tweet to the user. You may find it easiest to collect as much information about accounts as you can through other means (like the sample hose of tweets) and then index & search against your own records.