Multiple-Hours-delayed reporting on metrics?


Hi! I’ve been noticing that, when getting stats for my ad campaigns, some are delayed by quite awhile – up to 12-hour-old hour blocks are showing new impressions. This is a problem for when we want to show change-over-time.

An example: the tail of the promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions array from the same campaign, viewed 1 hour apart:

and then

Notice the entry at [701]. Even though that hourly block happened 12 hours ago, in the past hour, it somehow acquired 2 new impressions.

How is this possible?


@phil_renaud if you look at our Analytics documentation you’ll find a lot of information with regards to the implementation details of the relevant endpoints. I would highly recommend you read these docs as they are very helpful, but in your particular case this is the most vital piece of information there under the Timelines heading:

As soon as stats are available, you are able to retrieve them. The feedback on stats is real-time. These early results are estimates, the stats are finalized after 24 hours, except for spend metrics.