Multiple embedded Tweets


I am displaying multiple embedded Tweets on some web pages, but this causes multiple copies of a mostly same “…” to be downloaded, each one weighing in at 64kb.

According to a message I received from Google, headed “Serve resources from a consistent URL”,
"…[this] create[s] a highly negative user experience for some users. Frequently viewed pages on your sites are serving the same resource from multiple URLs, wasting client bandwidth and resources."

Is there any way to avoid or improve on this?


The follow button HTML that is loaded is different for each follow button; there’s no way around this.


Hi Aunju. Thanks for catching this: We usually pass params to our follow buttons using code that means the button only gets downloaded once (and then cached for a long time.) This one slipped through, and we’ll look into making it cache efficiently, the same as Follow Buttons in other contexts.



I launch IE, I go to news. I click on a news article.
The back arrow in IE gets populated with multiple entries of and the rest is not visible.

This behaviour interferes tremendously with my web browsing.

Please fix this obnoxious and abhorent behabiour in your API.


Aunju, I added an update to tonight’s deploy that means Embedded Tweets should now only require one Follow Button resource be loaded on any given page, regardless of the number of Embedded Tweets used. We’ll update again in the future to also have Tweet Embeds reference our long-cache versions of the Follow Button, but for now, this should make for a significant impact in performance from the number of HTTP requests coming from pages with multiple embeds.

Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Ben, that’s great! It’ll make a difference for those of us struggling with low-bandwidth or excessively-priced Internet access!