Multiple embedded timelines on one page



We use a Twitter feed to let our customers know about deliveries. We also show the Twitter feed on each page of our web site.

Since the switch to v1.1 the old widget we used has been replaced by the new Embedded Timeline feature. This has caused us some issues, as on certain pages we want to have the Twitter feed appearing twice - once on the standard “pull-down” that appears on every page and once in a featured space in the sidebar, for those pages where the feed info is particularly relevant. That doesn’t seem to be possible, although it worked fine under v1.0 with the old widget.

Other things that we miss from the old widget are:

1 - The ability to suppress the avatars (it is our timeline after all!) and the hashtags, which are repetitive and unnecessary in this context and together waste a lot of valuable space.

2 - The ability to control the look of the widget to fit with our site look & feel. Just ‘dark’ or ‘light’ is not really enough. We miss being able to specify the shell background & text color separately from the tweets background & text color.

Any help or guidance you can give us on the above would be much appreciated.

Best regards

Mike Laye


Hi Mike,

On the multiple-widget issue, this occurs when you have the same widget-id multiple times on the same page. I literally just wrote a fix for that, and it will be resolved in our next deploy.

Please refer to the documentation for advanced customisation: You can set the widget background into transparent mode and style around it:



Hi Ben,

When do you expect this next deploy to go out?



I see that the multiple-widget issue (when using the same id) has been resolved. However, it only seems to work on my end if the widgets were loaded to the page at the same time (ie: on page load). If I add a widget at runtime, it will only work if there are no other widgets already loaded.


yes supported


let build it.



I am having issues with multiple Embedded Timelines on one page, but with different ID’s. Only one timeline will load - is it not possible to have 2 embedded timelines on the same page?

I should mention that I am talking about in IE - it works in Chrome and FF.



Oh that a very good work and development for all twitters alike…