Multiple connections to the Streaming API


I am looking to track a particular hashtag using the POST statuses/filter endpoint of the public streaming API and I need to be certain that I wont be missing any tweets due to disconnections (i.e network issues, or server restarts).

Is it possible to build a layer of redundancy into my application and open multiple connections to the API with the same parameters, from different machines with different IP addresses? Would I encounter any issues?

Alternatively is there any internal mechanism in the API that would help me retrieve any of the tweets that I missed during downtime if I am forced to use a single connection?


Our free public API doesn’t include internal mechanisms for backfilling missed tweets, but our paid APIs (including Gnip Powertrack) do.

To achieve some level of redundancy with the free public API you should be able to maintain two connections as you describe.


Thanks for your response @isaach - We will look into the paid solutions if the need arises.

Would having any more than two connections make a difference?