Multiple Connection to Public Stream


Hi. Our application must connect to public stream endpoint with simultaneous connections. After user sign up, application follows users twitter account in real time and if user post a tweet or a RT or a reply, do some progress with it. So we are planning to use statuses/filter endpoint with follow parameter.

Documention says we can set max 5,000 user ids to follow parameter. Every new 5,000 user, our application must open a new connection with new user twitter ids. At the beginning, we don’t think to want Twitter oAuth from our users. But with my access_token, i can open only one connection same time. For new connection, i need another valid access_token. Am i right? How can i open simultaneous connections with same account credentials? Must i get oauth credentials from every new user and save it, if need a new connection, get a random valid access_token from database and use it?


You’ll want to take a look at [node:14935] for some notes on this topic. Your approach isn’t quite the right one – you need to get to a setup with a single open connection representing the totality of your user base.


Thanks for quick reply. After mý user base have more than 5000 user, how can catch all users tweets in real time?


i wants to know more details on this. As you said

**You’ll want to take a look at [node:14935] for some notes on this topic. **

i do i navigate to node:14935.