Multiple Apps for Other Pages on Single Developer Account


We find ourself commonly developing applications for clients and are burdened by the necessity to negotiate with them the account setup and phone verification using their phone number. In many cases, we’ve found the hassle to turn them off to our other services.

Is there a way to create apps for other Twitter pages within a single developer’s acocunt?

When we try, the posts all go to our Twitter profile—which seems to be the intended function.

Have searched around but was unable to find discussion of this problem.


It sounds like you’re creating both the consumer key and secret (i.e. the app identifier) and the account access key and token (the user identifier) in the dashboard.

The latter is not the best idea in this case, as it means that anywhere the combination of those four values is known, the app will have access to YOUR account. It is useful for testing, but generally speaking, you should not share the account access key and token.

What you want to do is to create an app, get the consumer key and secret, and then implement Sign-in with Twitter aka three-legged OAuth. Once you’ve done that, your app will receive the access token and secret for the newly-logged in user, and you can store and re-use that when you make calls on behalf of the third party user. That’s how multi-user authentication through a single app works on Twitter.