Multiple age_buckets set via API will show warning in twitter UI



Twitter ads api documentation does not mention any warning about setting multiple age_buckets for targeting.

However, if I create such a campaign via api and then view on ads manager, I will see a warning to only use one age bucket.

Is it safe to continue this practice via api? I am concerned that the functionality may be removed unexpectedly, causing issues for launched campaigns.

Warning in UI:
Going forward, you’ll only be able to select one age range for targeting. Your campaign will continue to run with the current selections, but if you modify age targeting for this campaign in the future, you’ll need to choose one range or all ages.


Thanks for the question, @creztoe.

You’re correct that it’s currently possible to target multiple age buckets using the Ads API, but only a single age bucket through the UI.

In situations where there is a breaking change, our goal is to provide ample time for partners to make necessary adjustments. Changes like these are either given ~90 days notice or are rolled into a new version (see our version 2 announcement, for example).

That being said, we do plan on allowing only a single age bucket to be targeted using the API. We are still trying to determine timing. We will provide more information once we have it.

Thanks again for reaching out. We appreciate your attention.


@creztoe: Wanted to make sure you saw this announcement.


@juanshishido, thanks so much. Exactly what I needed to know.