Multiple Accounts to One App



I am looking to integrate Twitter into a new website and would just like to check if the following is possible and where would be the best place to look:

The intention is to be able to allow users to tweet from their account on my website. To achieve this they would need to grant permission for my twitter app to access and update their account. This being the case, I would need to store some manner of authentication token against each users account to tell the api call which twitter account to update/tweet to,

I have had a look at oAuth but as far as I could see, it was specifically for me to integrate my own twitter account into my new app… not allow multiple people to use it.

I’m sure the functionality I am looking for must be available, I’m just not sure where to look.

I should also mention that the authentication between website user and twitter account would ideally be permanent, rather than ask them to authorise every time they tweeted.



The OAuth flows allow you to invite any user to go through the oauth/request_token -> oauth/authorize -> oauth/access_token flow, yielding you access tokens to further act on their behalf. These access tokens are permanent. You have the right thought on how to go about this – have you taken a look at [node:3062]?


Can I use 2 Twitter developer accounts, one for the streaming API access and another for giving my users oauth access to sign up/publish posts to Twitter?

Is this against Twitter’s rules?


how can I connect many accounts on one app on twitter in steps?


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