Multiple Accounts, but only 1 Mobile Phone!


I’m a web developer with several websites.

I have (in the past) made apps for each website - linked with it’s own Twitter account.

I can no longer make apps for new sites!

I keep getting a "you must add a mobile phone to your account.

Like most people, I only have one phone!

It’s linked to one account already. I can’t add it to other accounts,

SO, effectively I can no longer make any apps for use with Twitter!

Is someone going to fix this soon? Surely you don’t expect me to buy 15 mobile phones (one for each account)?

This is serious and it’s urgent.



I would recommend looking at something like Google Voice which is free or Twilio which costs $1/month per phone number.


Hi, and thanks for the reply and suggestion!

In essence it means (even with this clever workaround) that in order to use Twitter, IF you have several websites or businesses - that you have to buy/obtain say (in my case) 15 phone numbers.

Twitter should fix this


You might try maintaining a single Twitter account that maintains all the applications.