Multi player game with tweet invitation


I’m about to develop a multiuser game (not MMORPG, but games with limited number of players).
A player shall invite followers to play with him. A group of e.g. max. 6 players may join a game.
The first game is similar to “memory”. No gambling or other offending content.

There are two problems:

  1. The invitation is of volatile nature. It should ideally expire after some time.
  2. What to do with >6 ppl wanting to join the game?

Possible solutions:

  1. Expired invitations initiate new games with possibility to invite other followers.
  2. Groups of max 6 players are formed, only the first group will feature the inviting user.
  3. The URL shall feature an invitation ID. So, many similar URLs will be tweeted. An addict may send similar invitations after the end of every game.

Is this compatible with the “no surprise” and spamming policy?
Of course, an appropriate notice of what is going on (>6 players, absence of the inviter, expired invitations…)
will appear, and the visitors will be offered alternatives to form other groups or start new games, i.e. tweet new invitations.

Ideally, a tweet should expire by itself or be withdrawn/deleted once the game started. Is this possible?
A reminder telling the player to tidy up invitation tweets may appear at the end of each game.

Any better ideas?

Many thanks for your support.

– Beat