MPLogging.h file not found



I’m trying to add Facebook Audience network to my app. I downloaded the headers for Audience Network from Mopub as well as the Facebook ad framework. I compiled and I get compile error MPLogging.h not found.



Hi @ashup,

Thanks for reaching out! Can you reach out to with the summary of your question above? Please also clarify for them if you are you using Fabric or the open source SDK. Additionally, please let them know what SDK version are you using for FAN. The Support Team will help you look into this further.



I am having the same problem after integrating it with Fabric.

Are there any instructions on making the adapters work with Fabric installed MoPub kit?


I’m having this issue as well, except with Millennial Media.


Hi @yood & @JStheoriginal,

You’ll want to make sure you are using the MoPub certified version of partner SDKs. Using uncertified versions can lead to problems. You can find a list of our supported network versions here.

If you are using Fabric, you will want to make sure you are using the Fabric-specific integration instructions for a seamless integration.

If you are still having trouble, please reach out to the Support Team at and include your account username, MoPub SDK, partner SDK and a summary of the problem. Someone on the team will be in touch to help you.



Thanks! Got it all figured out eventually. hehe.


Could you share details on how the issue was resolved. I’m currently experiencing ‘MMAdSDK/MMAdSDK.h’ file not found error with Fabric+Crashlytics & Millennial Media frameworks in an app. This didn’t occur before the inclusion of Fabric.



I can’t recall exactly what I did, but I did end up installing the full MoPub SDK instead of just the regular SDK. And to do this, I couldn’t do it via fabric. It only works if you download the zip of the full SDK and add it to your project.