MPBannerCustomEvent.h not found




I can’t get mopub to build on iOS at all after export from Unity. Currently using Xcode 8.3, Unity 5.6, and Mopub Unity Plugin 4.12.

As soon as I add any of the network adapters to the Unity project it stops building in Xcode with the error above. I’ve tried removing the frameworks and adding them again manually but that doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

I’ve even tried creating a brand new empty unity project with just your plugin using the admob adaptor as a starting point and still get the same error.

Would really like to use your platform but it’s looking like I’ll have to go elsewhere as it simply doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

Any help would be grateful!



Managed to fix the issue myself. For anyone else struggling with this issue you need to manually add MoPub/NativeCode/MoPubSDK to header search paths in your build settings as mopub doesn’t do this for you :confused: