Moving Twitter Timeline to Right Side of Webpage


Good Day,

I am inquiring on how to best fix my Twitter timeline to the right side of my home page (www.hosttotheworld/omeka). As you will see by clicking ont he link, the Twitter feed is fixed to the left underneath the photo slideshow. I would like it to be to the right, underneath the slideshow, so that the Featured Items, etc. can sit to the left of the timeline. Any advice on codes?? Thank you!


You may style a wrapper around the timeline and another wrapper around the featured item, collection, and exhibit items to create a column layout. The Twitter user timeline inserted by our JavaScript library will replace the a.twitter-timeline element a displayed timeline; the timeline layout relative to other items on the page should be defined in your site’s CSS rules.

CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap include grid and column systems to assist with these types of layouts. You could rely on a framework to establish your containers or set up the specific rules of interest to you based on code found in popular frameworks.