Moving from staging domain to production one and the @anywhere pop-up is being blocked



I’m using the @Anywhere API to log users in to my site. I’ve been hosting the site on a temporary domain over the last few days, and I’ve now moved it to the live domain. When on the temporary domain I wasn’t having any issue with the @Anywhere login stuff, but now on the live domain, the login dialog window is being pop-up blocked. I changed the domain in all the places I could find in the developer backend about 3 hours ago.

Is this just something that will work itself out over time as the Twitter servers are updated with the new information? Is there something else I need to do to trigger the domain transition?



It’s now been over 8 hours and I’ve tried everything :frowning:

The login call is triggered on click, and the code was working just fine before I pushed the site from its staging domain to the live one.

Anyone have any thoughts?