More than the 200 latest DM's


Is there a way to recover more than the 200 latest DM’s in the Twitter for a user?

Even if I need to do more than a consult.


As far as I know it is currently not possible. Maybe in the future, if Twitter makes the new Private Message API public.


Imagine if I run the streaming on a server, but the server crashed and when I restart the service, I have more than 200 DM’s to recover.

I won’t be able to recover all the DM’s and lost some conversations?




Hello @andypiper and @jbulava is there a way to do this?

Even if using another API or APP?


Hi @cadu_bressan, 200 is indeed the maximum number of DMs that can be retrieved from the API.

It is possible to retain the content of DMs as long as the user is aware as stated in our developer policy (3.a.iv), but I assume this would introduce data storage issues that you do not want to handle.

Alternatively, you could store just the IDs of past DMs and call the API to retrieve them when necessary. This may or may not work for your use case.

I don’t believe there would be a third party app that could provide this service as providing content without our consent is not permitted.


Hi @jbulava, the problem for me is that could happen a problem on the streaming and I received more than 200 DM’s while I’m offline.

On this case I won’t be able to recover all ID’s of the dammed DM’s.


I really hope that (if ever released to public) the Thread-Based Direct Message API (which supports conversations with multiple people) will maybe be capable of showing more DM’s… Would be awesome!


Thanks for presenting this case; I completely understand the concern. I’ve passed this feedback along to the engineering team.