More than one email associated with one twitter account?


I was wondering if anybody can explain something to me. I noticed that some users have 2 emails associated with single account.
How can I also use secondary email recovery address? I looked in settings, in TweetDeck (tried attaching admin account to secondary account) and I also didnt find anything about it on Twitter support pages or google.
Was that some legacy option that is still activated for older accounts?


We cannot comment on individual accounts here for privacy reasons. Also bear in mind that this is a developer forum for discussing the platform.

That’s highly unusual, and certainly in terms of the API, you can only retrieve a single email address from an account.

If you need help with your account you should contact our support team via


I didn’t want comments on individual accounts. I just posted that link as an example so you can see that this is possible.
I did some more research. I even asked one of users that has two recovery emails, and she replied she don’t know why there are two emails.
It is not some legacy security feature that remains active for older accounts, since some newer accounts have this.
After asking I got no answer.
My best guess is that it this is possible if your twitter account was breached or you lost access to email and twitter account and you asked twitter support to retrieve it.