More than 2 months of "pending approval" for my twitter card seems a bit excessive... isnt it? :/



I applied for a Twitter Card (summary card) for the domain * and it was correctly submitted, but it looks like it hadnt been paid much attention. This was a couple of months ago and it is in “pending approval” state yet.

I configured Twitter card for other domains and the reply time was irregular, from 24h to a week, but never this long. And the system just doesnt let me re-apply, so I’m in a non-exit street.

Any ideas?



Have the same problem, and posting in the forums seems to be pointless as such posts are mostly ignored. No email you can use for feedback. Just hanging around in Twitter Card limbo. I configured another domain with days with no issue. This one? Since September.


Yes, @TPoseyOnline, noone from the “team” has replied to my thread, indeed.

Quite annoying that we have no other way out of the limbo that this forum noone in the company seems to care about :confused:




I have the same issue.
Have you any reply from the team?


@versvs Apologies for the delay. You should be OK now.


Thanks @rchoi for your help :slight_smile:

It looks like the card is now live and the issue is solved. So this thread may be closed or archived as resolved :slight_smile: