More than 10 results in trends/place.json endpoint



I have noticed that trends/place.json operation is returning more than 10 trending topics since 2015-12-02 23:10:00 UTC (no matter what WOEID used).

Does anyone know if this is a change of specifications or a bug?

Thank you.


Yea, I’m getting this too.



Same problem here with trends. Any suggest?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention - this is actually intended behavior which you should see reflected in the relevant docs where these changes took place:

Additionally, we are also now returning a tweet_volume for each trend - this is the volume of tweets per trend for the last 24 hours.


Is trends/personalized actually an endpoint as I get an access denied trying to access even the documentation?


The GET trends/personalized is a private endpoint that requires whitelisting - if you don’t have access to it, don’t worry about it as it will not affect you in any way :thumbsup:


To clarify, this endpoint is primarily related to the Ads API - thus the whitelisting.


Thanks for the updates. Regarding the new tweet_volume field, sometimes it isn’t populated (often null). Is that the way it will always be to some extent, or is Twitter working to always have this field populated in these results?



Hey @johnbarratt - thanks for the follow-up. I don’t have anything to share to clarify that at the moment, we’ll try to get more information on that for you when we can.