More flexibility for TWTRTimelineViewController




is it possible to add more flexibility to TWTRTimelineViewController: it would be great to have additional options for “showTweetActions” - it could be modified or extended with adding additional property. Right now “showTweetActions” turn ON two controls: favorite/like and share. I think there is should be an option to use just share button and don’t show fav/like button.

Especially because fav/like button behaviour isn’t correct: controller doesn’t keep faved tweets history (so if you scroll forth and back your favs could be lost) and your favs doesn’t persist between app’s sessions (TWTRTimelineViewController doesn’t initialize previous favs while first appearance).

Also I noticed some issues with TWTRTimelineViewController on newest Apple devices (iPad pro and etc.): text and images layouts had some mess, sometimes tweet’s text was disappearing while scrolling, images were presented as partially cropped and so on. I could start another topic and provide more details for this issue.


Thanks for the feedback on customizing this more @vk_arcadian, will share with the team.

If you could open up a separate thread with more details about the other issues, that would be appreciated. Also knowing which version of Fabric and TwitterKit you’re using would be very helpful.


Thank you. I’m going to create new topic for the layouts issue.

Twitter 1.12.1
Fabric 2.0.3


Hi Michael, here is a new topic with details about layout issues Layout issues at TWTRTimelineViewController (Twitter SDK, iOS)


Thanks, will respond there and close this thread.