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I am working on one project, where we are streaming data from twitter public site. I would like to ask, if i can use more applications per one account to streaming different lists of key words. For example one application for streaming words thisisacoup and grexit and another application for streming words Repsol and Real Madrid. If it is possible, how many apps can I have per one account to do this? We need as many as possible.


Clarification regarding User Stream Connection limitations

From the Streaming API documentation:

Minimize the number of connections your application makes to User Streams. Each Twitter account is limited to only a few simultaneous User Streams connections per OAuth application, regardless of IP. Once the per-application limit is exceeded, the oldest connection will be terminated. An account logging in from too many instances of the same OAuth application will cycle connections as the application instances reconnect and disconnect each other.

Per the developer policy, you should not attempt to use many applications to get around this limit. If you need a significant amount of streaming data, you should consider something like Gnip instead.


So it is even not possible to make more accounts that each have one app and do streaming with them right?


You could do that, but if you are doing so in order to circumvent the API limits then that is not the spirit of the developer policy and agreement, and your apps/accounts could be suspension. The limits are in place to ensure that everyone is able to use a stable platform with fair access.

If you are able to describe your use case in more detail, you can use our Policy Support form to clarify the rules around this.


And what about 3 apps on one account, one for streaming public stream, second for adding to followings and third for streaming user stream of user with added followings from second app. Is this possible without problems or it is against policy.


A few apps should be fine under one account, but too many connections from an IP may be an issue. Again, this is where the Policy Support form may be able to help you.

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