Mopub's android webview & WebGL


Hey everyone,

We’re trying to implement an ad solution using Mopub with some of our customly created interstitial ads. Those ads use a lot of webGL features, and sadly it seems that mopub’s android webview implementation doesnt support webGL features. Can anyone confirm or deny this ? This is the error we’re getting when loading our ad :

11-14 10:24:41.742 22084-22084/******.mraidmopubtester I/chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "THREE.WebGLRenderer: Error creating WebGL context." 

We’ve also tried to use the feature.js lib to auto detect supported feature ( we put this script into a dummy mopub creative in order to see what’s supported inside the mopub’s android webview implementation ) and this is what we got from it :
" js css3dtransform csstransform csstransition addeventlistener queryselectorall matchmedia devicemotion deviceorientation classlist placeholder localstorage historyapi viewportunit remunit canvas svg cors touch async defer geolocation srcset sizes pictureelement" as you can see there’s no webgl feature in those.

We tested this on devices that support webGL ( Pixel 2 and samsumg s8 ) so we already ruled out that the device might be at fault

MoPub does not load in Android


On Android we DO support WebGL, so the issue is elsewhere. Would you be able to reach out to detailing the issue so we can take a deeper look at it?

Many thanks!