MoPub VS AdMob


Can anyone help me understand what is the benefit of MoPub?
Working with AdMob, I noticed that I have 90%+ fill rate, and the eCPM are very good, therefore I do have good revenue for my app.
On the other hand, I’m exploring new options, and I given that the MoPub SDK is very light, I was considering trying it out.
Thanks for your help!


Well, if I am not mistaken, the Mopub Marketplace presents ads that pay per view and none have to be clicked to gain revenue.

The fill rate is lower but it is a good deal if you get everything working properly.


Hi [BobVosalik]!

Thanks for your interest in MoPub! As you may already be aware, our platform allows mobile publishers to monetize their in-app inventory with access to our RTB exchange, the MoPub Marketplace, ad network mediation, and direct ad serving.

Here are a few links that highlight the value MoPub provides app publishers:

MoPub Overview

About our SDK

Network Mediation

Our Demand Sources

Supported Ad Formats

Answers to most questions are found in our online documentation.

For any technical/integration issues, feel free to email

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