MoPub SDK effect on app size



I couldn’t find any information on this topic but it will change my decision on ad mediation network. Download size for iOS SDK is around 54MB. What would it be the actual size increase on my app.ipa? Same question also goes for Android?
I may not need the full sdk, but I will need 3rd party ad network integration(ex:FAN) and native ad mediation.


Hi there!

The actual size increase of the SDK on your IPA is dependent on what parts of our SDK you choose to use. If you want to utilize only banner ad units, then the native and interstitial files will not be used when you build your project and thus wo’nt contribute to the size of the SDK on the IPA. However, if you plan to use all of the ad units and mediate with networks, the download size will still be significantly smaller than the 54 MB download due to compilation. After testing this, I was able to get the SDK down to 4.4 MB post-compilation.

If you would like to check in your project, build your project and run it on a device, then go to your .app file in your Products folder, right-click ‘Show in Finder’ and you can check the binary there for how much weight is added to your project.

We hope you choose to use MoPub as mediation platform!

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