MoPub SDK and ARC


Please note: the release of MoPub SDK Version 3.0.
This SDK release includes ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) support for the iOS SDK. To update to our iOS SDK v3.0, you will need to rip out the old SDK and re-import the latest version of the MoPub SDK. The previous iOS SDK will continue to work, but we wanted to specially call this out as ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) support has been requested by many of our publishers for its efficiencies.

For Your Developer, Important Upgrade Instructions
If you’re upgrading from an earlier version (2.4.0 or earlier) that uses Manual Reference Counting, in order to minimize integration errors with the manual removal of the -fno-objc-arc compiler flag, our recommendation is to completely remove the existing MoPub SDK from your project and then integrate the latest version. Alternatively, you can manually remove the -fno-objc-arc compiler flag from all MoPub SDK files. If your project uses Manual Reference Counting, you must add the -fobjc-arc compiler flag to all MoPub SDK files.

To update your SDKs:

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