MoPub: Requests but no impressions, what gives?!?


I’ve been using AdMob for an ad unit in my app for the past month, I just replaced it with MoPub. I have 2 networks with that ad unit - AdMob and Lifestreet.

Lifestreet has impressions, AdMob has requests but zero impressions.

Is this an issue with the way I set it up? I can see all my previous data in MoPub for AdMob so it appears it’s connected.


Hello BrianSetaro,

Can you please write into with your MoPub account username, the ad unit id you are using, and a link to this specific case?

I imagine that there is an integration issue with AdMob. Once we resolve this on our end through support, you can update the case here with the solution.



Thanks! Do you know how long it takes to usually hear back? I emailed them as soon as you posted the message.


Hey Brian,

I searched by your name and only found a case for Marketplace Approval that was closed. Could you send a new email under a different subject line?



Thanks! I just sent in an email with the subkect of “AdMob Impression Issue (bs71015)”. Anything you can do to expedite is appreciated!!!


Hey Brian,

Just wanted to follow up here.

For some reason, I do not see any emails with the subject line: “AdMob Impression Issue (bs71015)”. Something seems to be blocking us from receiving your email.

Can you confirm the email was sent? Could you try sending the email under a different email address?