Mopub password unknown. Account created by Fabric



My MoPub account was created through my Fabric account and I can access it clicking on MoPub button at Fabric website.

But I cannot login directly at MoPub website, and I need the password to add my MoPub account to my Appfigures account.
I already try to reset the password, but the email with the reset instructions never arrived.
I contacted Fabric and MoPub support (Case Number: 08476671) but they were useless, didnt solve my problem.

Anyone here can help me?


Hi Ryniere! We’re currently looking into your issue, and we hope to reach a resolution shortly. Thanks for emailing support and for your patience.


Ok, thanks.


i’m having the exact same problem! I was never asked to choose a password! i’m locked out of Fabric app for OS X because i can’t generate a password by any means.


We can definitely help with this. What’s the email address you used to create your Fabric account? If you’d prefer not to post it here, please send us a note at!


Hello everyone!

Fabric created MoPub accounts are currently able to access the MoPub dashboard via the Fabric dashboard but cannot log into MoPub directly.

A MoPub created MoPub account can also log in via the Fabric dashboard if it has the same email address as the Fabric account and is linked on the Fabric dashboard.

The team has plans to add a log-in for Fabric created MoPub accounts on our website, but this is not yet available.

If you would like to reset your Fabric password, you can contact

Let us know if you have any further questions here.