Mopub order - Scaling ad image


Hi! I’ve been using mopub for displaying ads in my apps for a few years, and finally decided to make my own ads on theservice using the order system.

I tried setting up an interstitial ad image targeting one of my apps as an ad for another. This works great, the ad shows upp in the app and links correctly.

The problem is that the image doesn’t fit the screen but is way too big. I could make the image smaller but then it wouldn’t fit on bigger devices. I had assumed that it would scale to fit current device, but this doesn’t seem to be the case and I can’t find any settings for this.

The solution seem to be to write the ad ‘creative’ in HTML instead of using the image setting, displaying the image and scaling it to fit the window, but it doesn’t seem to accept CSS code to make this formatting possible.

What is the solution to make an ad unit that fits any device?