Mopub not paying up my earnings after over a month of my earnings acrueing its payment threshold


Hello team.
I started using mopub mediating with AdMob ads in my apps. I accrued mopub payment threshold and added my payment profile.
But up to now, I have never received any payment from mopub to my PayPal account.
I have written emails to support as outlined here but still, I have never received any reply from them.
What should I do to receive my money?
Can I say mopub does not pay developers and so I remove it from my apps?
Please, kindly help me, if you have ever gone through the same situation, let me know what you did to receive your payment.
Thanks in adverse.



We recommend you to reach out to
Also, it is very odd not getting any response from our Support team. Make sure to check your spam folder since responses may go there.