MoPub native video Ad doesn't start muted video



Hello. I’m developing an Android Module for Titanium. Right now I’ve got a native view with a native video ad that is properly loaded from server and displayed in the activity, but I don’t know why it doesn’t start muted playback. If I test MoPub sample app (installed via Google Play ( and add an ad unit which serves video ads in “Native List View”, the ads are injected between list items and video starts automatically.

It seems like if you use a MoPub Adapter, it, somehow, starts video when ad is loaded and displayed, but not when you don’t use adapters. I’ve reviewed the code (SDK and sample) and cannot find where MoPubAdAdapter does this. NativeVideoController.setPlayWhenReady should work properly in this case.

May I force the muted playback on any event? If so, which event and how to start playback?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I’ve been able to display properly if I add just 1 NativeAd to my Activity, but if I add 2 or more, then the behavior comes back again.


Hi @phobeous-

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you please explain more on the issue please?

Yes, all our ads come muted either be it adplacer or manual. Only upon choosing the unmute option the user should be able to hear the audio. Please let us know if you’re facing challenges here.