MoPub Mediation Issue With Unity Ads and Admob Ads


I am using Mopub Unity Sdk. i am successfully showing Mopub Test ads but when i implement Mopub Mediation it shows no ads. i am integrating admob and unity ads in mediation.
Error in log is
" Couldn’t locate or instantiate custom event: com.mopub.mobileads.UnityInterstitial."
“Couldn’t locate or instantiate custom event: com.mopub.mobileads.GooglePlayServicesInterstitial.”

Here I am also posting complete log.


Hi, thanks for reporting. We’re able to reproduce this issue internally as well, and will investigate further.

Do you have additional information, like SDK/adapter versions, and your integration process?



Hi, we believe we found a fix to this issue. The directory where we’re placing mediation SDKs and adapters for Android is outdated. Please manually drag and drop mediation SDK jars and adapter jars to the new location, which is Assets/MoPub/Plugins/Android/MoPub.plugin/libs.

We’ll deploy a more systematic fix shortly. Let us know if you continue seeing the issue. Thanks!


This issue has been resolved in the latest release of Unity adapters:]( For mediation SDK jars, please continue to drag and drop them to Assets/MoPub/Plugins/Android/MoPub.plugin/libs. Thanks!