MoPub Marketplace not active after more than 2 weeks


About 2 weeks ago I sent email to with all the required information (payment info, link to Google Play of my Apps, screenshots of my Developer console to show ownership of Apps, etc) but I still didn’t get any reply, not even some kind of automated message assigning me a queue number or similar.
What else should I do? is it normal that it takes so long to be approved on MoPub Marketplace? what is the point of doing this while every other Ad Network doesn’t have any waiting time at all?


Hi @tacchan23

We are so sorry for the delay! The team currently has a backlog due to the holidays, but they are working as quickly as possible to approve everyone. They will follow up with you and approve your account as soon as they can.



Hi @jackie

Same scenario happened to us, Policy Team was responding till 06-FEB-16, we provided all details required by Policy Team, last time we provided our iTunes developer console screen-shot on 08-FEB-16, after that we did not receive any response from Policy Team. After two weeks we received an email from support team that they are closing our case because they did not receive any response from us, we replied back to support team and they said we have to contact policy team, we contacted policy team again and again but did not get any response yet.

Now our account has been approved for marketplace access.

Thanks. :slight_smile: