MoPub Marketplace Approval


Hello. I’ve been sending emails to to get my Marketplace approved. But they don’t reply. It’s been over 5 days now.

One of the their Email said "It appears that your URL is invalid. Please add the correct link to your account for further review. "

What URL are you talking about? I added my package name to create a new App in MoPub.

I’ve sent all the needed details. Thanks.


Hello Vibin_r,

Could you reach out to policy again with the URL if your app updated to the correct URL?

This is likely the issue. You can do this by going to “Inventory”, clicking your app, and “Edit App Settings” to change the url field.

Let us know if you have any further questions.



There is no URL field for Android. There is a package name field which I did fill. Check screenshot.


Hello Vibin,

Could you please send a reply email to with up to date payment information and the corresponding Android package name linked to your MoPub App in the email.

Please provide the link to your app in the email as well.

Please include screenshots of the app in your Admin page/your website’s admin page to show that you are the owner of the account.

I’ll escalate your request with the policy team once this email is sent

Thank you,


They finally approved it. Wow. That took over 6 days.


hello my application also does not appear ahnya request impression that arises, whether my application has not been activated


Hello exisstcom,

Please reach out to with the required information as described above.

I’m closing this case as the initial question has been answered and resolved.