Mopub Marketplace ads frequency


is it possible to determine, like we do for other networks, marketplace ads frequency, like once an hour, 3 times a day ?


Hello Brakkar,

You can set frequency for Marketplace by creating a Marketplace line item and setting the frequency in the line item.



Is it possible to do this for network mediated ads?



Yes. This is possible to set in the Segment. You can set each network line item in the Segment to have a specific frequency cap per ad unit.

Please scroll down to Enter Network CPMs.




Thanks for the information, I read through the documentation and had a look at the dashboard. Would I be correct in thinking that these caps will only effect the overall mix of ads from different networks and there is no way to apply a general cap to a whole segment / ad unit ?

For clarity, what I am trying to achieve is this: I want to use interstitials in my game but I want to be able to tune the frequency that they are presented to the player, so perhaps I want to show 1 interstitial every 15 minutes (choosing the highest paying ad each time). Then later I may decide to increase this to an interstitial every 10 minutes, etc

(Ideally I’d like functionality more like you have with Native ads e.g. “show an interstitial after the player has played 5 levels (i.e. on the 5 ad request), then every 10 levels there after”, but I don’t think this is possible in mopub.


Hey Roryo,

These caps are for the whole ad unit, line items respectively. You can frequency cap on both the ad unit and line item level.

You can show an interstitial after some action is done, but you would have to code this functionality in your app. For interstitial, you just need to load the ad before you show it to precache and call the method to show the ad when you want to show it. You can see how to do that in the respective Android and iOS documentation.


(Update): Ignore my question below, I found the Ad Unit settings, they are on the same screen where you chose the Ad Unit Size, I was expecting them to be set with a similar interface to network caps, so was struggling to find them…

I can see where I can set caps for individual networks, e.g. iAd, or Chartboost, (on the segment screen) But I can’t see where I would set a cap for the whole Ad Unit. Can you point me in the right direction… thanks