Mopub Javascript multiple ad units integration



I have a problem trying to integrate multiple units with javascript integration code into my html5 mobile website.
This should be easy, adding another object in the units array. But when I do, I get an error, as the API can not find the container with the given ID. Firebug console screenshot of the error.
I have 3 units and the unit IDs are properly given and associated with existing containers.
window.Mopub gets initialized and populated, it’s and array of three objects. DOM - window.mopub screenshot.
The integration code I have used can be seen here, on stackoverflow, where I’ve posted the same question.

Can someone please help about this?


Hello @aleksandar.ilic ,

Thank you for provided detailed information! Some of the ad units you are using do not have a line item with 100% fill. Our recommendation would be to set up a guaranteed or back-fill line item with a house ad so you always return an ad. Once you set up each line item with a house ad, please run the test again. If you are still having issues, please reach out to us at so we can further assist you.