MoPub iOS Unity Ads adapter issue



We’re trying to update to the latest version of MoPub 4.13 but have run into a few issues getting Unity Ads to compile in Xcode.

We are using Unity v5.4.5f1, and the version of UnityAds.framework that comes with the iOS version is missing the UnityAdsExtended.h, I ended up using the version that came with the Windows version of v5.4.5f1.

The next problem was that this version of UnityAds.framework was missing UnityAdsFinishState and UnityAdsError enums.

To fix this I downloaded a later version via and trying this it now seems that the UnityAdsUnityWrapper.h and are incompatible with this version of the framework due to it’s mention of a sharedInstance which is no longer part of the UnityAds.framework.

It seems that UnityAdsUnityWrapper.h/.mm no longer exist as part of Unity 5.5.2 or later. If I remove the reference from the Xcode project, I get undefined symbols from libiPhone-lib.a because it expects the references that were part of the UnityAdsUnityWrapper.h/mm/ Again this doesn’t seem to exist in Unity 5.5.2.

We have a project with many asset bundles already exported for 5.4.5 version of Unity so updating Unity isn’t as straight forward.

You state that MoPub supports Unity 5 but what specific version of Unity does the Unity adapter support? It seems that the adapter only works with a specific version of the framework.



Hi @mix_master_rick,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Our current certified version of Unity SDK is 2.0.7, Please make sure you are using the same in your application in order to alleviate this issue.