MoPub iOS SDK MPLogProvider Crash



I integrated Mopub SDK to my XCode project using the instructions in the and builded to simulator successfully. But it crashes after running the application when I try to load interstitial or rewarded video ads. This is the screenshot of the crash.


Have you figured it out or do you still have the problem?

I’m also having this exact error when I try to call the rewarded videos:
[MPRewardedVideo loadRewardedVideoAdWithAdUnitID:@“myAdUnitWillBeHere” withMediationSettings:nil];

From the log after calling that:
2017-09-23 16:24:59.856396+0300 MyprojectName[1988:1374622] MOPUB: [Viewability] IAS SDK was found.
2017-09-23 16:24:59.856492+0300 MyprojectName[1988:1374622] MOPUB: Rewarded video manager is loading ad with MoPub
2017-09-23 16:24:59.859361+0300 MyprojectName[1988:1374622] *** -[__NSArrayM enumerateObjectsUsingBlock:]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x1c4a4f3c0

and then the crash

Would like to know what is wrong with my project.


I missed this part from the “Getting started” because didn’t know it affects me:
For Applications that use MRC

(This did get me through this but having other problems and rewarded video failed to load.)


Hello @paps, what other problems did you have? Feel free to elaborate further and send over a mini sample project (if applicable).

Vu Chau
MoPub Support


Haven’t noticed your message before, sorry.
I tried again but still having problems, so I wrote an email to your support email as it includes some sensitive data regarding the application where using the MoPub.