Mopub Integration Problem


Hi there,

I’m actually trying to integrate Mopub SDK with FAN (Facebook Audience Network) for native ads since last few days with no luck so far, I’ve tried official documentation already as well searching number of different forums with Unity forum being one of them, again, no success, a step by step guide for integration would make my life a lot easier.

After importing FAN, Unity creates the build just fine things gets messy when Mopub is imported in same project, it throws number of different errors, tried Gradle and Unity Internal but it’s simply not working.

Attached some screenshots taken during build process, any help on this matter would be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.



First screenshot: Unity is complaining that the Android APIs in “targetSdkVersion”, which is something set in a Manifest file, are different (I see 23, 24, and 25) across your Manifests. I’d check to make sure that they all target the same Android API number.

Second screenshot: Make sure you import Google Play services to your Unity project. Once imported, check your Manifest. You should be able to see the meta-data tag containing “@integer/google_play_services_version”.