Mopub Custom Native Network



I have implemented Mopub following the instructions and i receive ads when i enable the market. I also implemented afew “Custom Native Networks” AdColonyInterstisial, AppLovinInterstisial, FacebookIntersticial and InMobileInterstisial but when i disable the marketplace i get all the time the MoPubErrorCode “No ads found” on the onInterstitialFailed.

All the SDK’s are implemented properly and i used the extras/com/mopub/mobileads from the github and added all the necessary files in app\src\main\java\com\mopub\mobileads. I also created all the “Custom Native Networks” with the “Custom Event Class” to the “com.mopub.mobileads.[filename]” and the necessary
data in “Custom Event Class Data”.



Nevermind i found the problem and its working!