Mopub conflicts with UnityAds




We are using Mopub to mediate our fullscreen ads between mopub, admob and unityads. The result is pretty good so far. But then we decide to support reward video from UnityAds. And this is where the problems started.

The reward video can only show for the first time it is activated, and even that, after finished, the callback is not called, since Mopub adapter has somehow intercepted with the callback and call onInterstitialDismissedEvent instead (not the onRewardedVideoClosedEvent). If we remove the UnityAds adapter of Mopub, the reward video from UnityAds can be shown, but it can’t mediate fullscreen ads from UnityAds anymore.

We encounter the problem on both Android and iOS. Is this a bug or a problem with my setup?


Hi @TnG2903,

Thank you for reaching out to us! Can you please provide us the code snippets for this issue. We are currently certifying the latest adapters of Unity and GA dates are yet to be finalized. We shall keep you posted on our github repository as it becomes available.



Hello @Pooja,

It’s been a long time and I don’t have that test project anymore. But last time, I used the sample included in Mopub package to reproduce the error (with Mopub 4.7.1).

We have switched to another provider so I’m afraid I could not be any help, but I really eager for a fix



Hi @Pooja,

The certification of Unity Ads adapter you mentioned, is that going to support Unity Ads 2.0? When I try to use the latest adapter from MoPub’s GitHub repository and UA 2.0, I get a bunch of errors in the MPUnityRouter.m class including “No known class method for selector ‘sharedInstance’”. It looks like their SDK changed in 2.0 and the current adapter is not handling it.

Here are a few of the lines it does not like:
[[UnityAds sharedInstance] startWithGameId:gameId];
[[UnityAds sharedInstance] setDelegate:self];



Hi @base11studios,

Yes, we are working on certifying 2.0 adapters of Unity. However it is still in review process we are not certain of GA dates yet.